Spring in Taipei

by ashkaufen

Spring has sprung!

L and I drove up Yangming Mountain this past weekend where we thought we’d like to bathe in some hot springs, but it was too hot. So we decided to just enjoy the scenery instead.  The cherry blossoms are in bloom now, so it was hard to find parking at the spot we usually hike. Tons of people go to the mountain in sakura season.


Sakura blossoms in the park

From within the small but immaculately landscaped park that we ended up taking a walk in, you could see the summit of Yangming Mountain. There’s a large fumarole up there, and it constantly emits large clouds of geothermal steam. A dramatic backdrop for the cute blossoms everywhere.


Immaculate landscaping

For lunch, we found ourselves at a super local eatery at the edge of the park. I decided to have rice noodle soup with taro (grown on the mountain) which was listed as vegetarian on the sign. L had some rice with stewed pork belly. We had like six different side dishes, which were mostly veggies, and on the oily side, but they all tasted good.